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The "Passport" Djembe Accompaniment


AH! That pattern you keep hearing about - yes, definitely one of the most common djembe patterns (or "accompaniments", since the djembes are really accompanying the djuns and the dancers). It's called "passport" because it's so common, it can "get you into" many West African djembe rhythms. Mamady Keita refers to it as "populaire."

You certainly get to play this a lot during our classes, and it's one that all djembe players need to be able to play (correctly) in their sleep! So, reviewing it often and learning the correct handing is a good idea. After a while, it will become automatic - I promise!

Here are some links to a couple of good demonstrations. The first one features Tara - a djembe teacher in Australia - she's great and she's posted many very good videos. Definitely one to bookmark!

Happy Practicing!

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