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YES! You can learn to drum NOW!

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Indoor group classes are held in a very large studio and limited to FOUR drummers plus the instructor spaced at least 8' apart.  

  • Drummers must wear a mask for the entirety of the lesson and use their own hand sanitizer before touching instruments. 

  • Students are asked to please NOT come to class if they are sick, or are in close contact with someone who is.

  • Outdoor classes or "rhythm circles" will be scheduled "ad hoc" by the instructor, depending on weather conditions, and may take the place of an indoor class or be in addition to normal class schedule.  Outdoor space can safely accommodate up to 10 drummers. 

  • Students are asked to notify instructor about their intent to attend by email the week before a scheduled class so that class size can be limited and if they need to cancel, to do it at least 2 days in advance so that the spot can be offered to some one else. 

  • No bathroom access is provided...sorry.

Group Classes, Private Lessons,& Gifts of Rhythm

We welcome you if you are,

I am a Djembe

  • a total beginner who has never touched a drum before...  

  • someone who's drummed in the past and wants to get back into it...

  • tired of noodling on the drum by yourself, and need a drum community..

  • interested in learning the djuns (or dunduns - bigger drums played with sticks)...

  • a "closet drummer" - you have a drum in the closet, collecting dust...

  • have some experience, and interested in performance 

(SAFE) Group Classes

Because of the new class size restrictions, we're suspending the mixed-level group classes.  New students and established students will have different class schedules.  Both groups will enjoy lively 90 mins classes with very reasonable tuition. What happens in class?


Introductory Classes:  We'll review the basics of technique and posture with every class, and learn simple drills and easy-to-play  traditional West African rhythms.  The focus is always on the sheer fun of playing.


Ongoing Classes for Established Students: We'll continue to review all the rhythms we've already learned and tackle some new ones.  


Don't have a drum?  No worries, plenty of class drums to use ... free of charge!   Please remember to use hand sanitizer before you touch drums.

(SAFE) Private Lessons

Want to start NOW? Sure thing! Get a full hour of Mae's undivided attention - great as a first introduction or for brushing up on your hand drumming technique... Mask and personal hand sanitizer required.

Give The Gift of Rhythm!

Great idea!  Give someone a gift of private lessons or a set of group classes.  Get in touch and we'll make it happen very quickly!

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Weekly Group Class Schedule
(please read COVID-19 guidelines above)
  • Wednesday Morning Rhythms - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (currently)

        (If this timing doesn't work for you, let us know)

  • Sunday Afternoon Drumming Delights - 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

  • Wednesday "Just Djuns" (by invitation only; class full)

  • Thursday Evening Rhythms - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: private studio about 6.5 miles south of Staunton

Cost:  $15, $70, $130, $220 for 1, 5, 10, 20, ninety min classes

We are a set of Djun Djuns

Need more info, or ready to start drumming?!  
Just Drop Mae a note below!  

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